Knowledge of ultra-pure water machine


Water, also known as pure water, is to meet the drinking water health standards for water as raw water by electrodialysis, ion exchangers, reverse osmosis, distillation and other appropriate processing methods, sealed obtained container, and does not contain any additives, colorless, transparent, water drinkable. Sold on the market space, water, distilled water are pure water.
      Ultra-pure water is pure water on the basis of further conductive medium almost completely removed, turn the water separated from the solution of colloidal substances, gases and organic compounds are removed to very low levels of water. Resistivity greater than 18MΩ * cm, or close 18.25MΩ * cm limit. Ultra-pure water is generally difficult to achieve the degree of process can be microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, EDI technology, ion exchange technology of two or more technologies, through the rational process design, equipment selection before making surplus water resistivity up 18.20MΩ * cm.

Ultra-pure water and pure difference lies in the manufacture of different levels of difficulty, to use on the market today are basically pure water through reverse osmosis, distillation and other methods in the system, while the ultra-pure water is pure water on the basis of go through photo-oxidation technology, fine processing and polishing purification techniques such as a series of complex obtained; secondly heavy metals, bacteria, and other indicators of the number of particles is also very different, water impurities in ppm level, while the ultra-pure water for the ppb level, it simply has no impurities in ultrapure water, close to the theoretical water; once again, the two requirements for pipeline material is not the same, ultra-pure water and material requirements for the pipeline than the ultrapure more stringent water.

Terms relative to pure water, ultra-pure water machine with high quality, safe, reliable, stable performance, easy to use, low-cost characteristics, is able to completely replace a conventional distillation, ion exchange and imported water machine intelligent systems, product quality is excellent. Future, ultra-pure water will gradually transition from the laboratory on daily life, as more home users with a better quality, healthy water to live.

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